Transit Agencies

Transit agencies, login here to add your transit system to CommutePlan!

What you get with CommutePlan:

1) Reports showing ridership trends / destinations visited.
2) Dynamic schedule-search tool for agency website.
3) Promotion of your buses from local store websites.

Four easy steps to get your Transit Agency on CommutePlan:

Step 1) Give us your schedules - we'll work with you to easily get them added.
Step 2) Place your new CommutePlan link on your Transit Agency website.
Step 3) List the "Top 20 Destinations" visited by your riders.
Step 4) Work with us on a campaign to get the CommutePlan link to these "Top 20 Destination" websites.

Sit back and relax, while receiving weekly reports and free promotion for your transit agency! The power is yours to increase ridership by adding additional destinations.

A transit agency gives CommutePlan a GTFS file containing its schedule information. CommutePlan gives the transit agency a customized web page to place on its website. Individual riders can then dynamically search the schedules (including connecting services).

How to provide greater information to riders with CommutePlan:

Watch this video to understand how your riders will use the CommutePlan link you place on your website.

How to increase ridership with CommutePlan (coming soon):

Watch this video to better understand the CommutePlan value proposition for transit agencies.