Shopping Centers

Login here to create or edit the custom CommutePlan page for your Shopping Center!

What you get by signing up:

  1. More shoppers
    * You will get a free customized CommutePlan link telling bus riders exactly when and how to take the bus to your store.
    * Link can be be placed on your website as a valuable tool to attract more shoppers.
  2. Free promotion of your store
    * Your store will be promoted as a destination for bus riders - from the official transit agency website.
    * Your store will be promoted from every other CommutePlan page (stores, offices, government, etc.).
  3. Insight on shoppers
    * You will get a weekly report detailing searches by shoppers looking to get to your specific store.

Get your Shopping Center on CommutePlan 5 Minutes:

Step 1) Login and create your custom CommutePlan webpage (takes 5 minutes).
Step 2) Paste custom CommutePlan link on your shopping center webpage.
Step 3) Email us to approve.

How you can attract more shoppers with CommutePlan:

Watch this video to understand how potential shoppers would use the CommutePlan link you place on your website.

How to set up your custom CommutePlan page (takes only 5 minutes):

Watch this video to better understand the CommutePlan value proposition for shopping centers.